We sign an exclusive world-wide representative deal with FOG Studios. More in the PR below...

Philadelphia, Pa – January 16, 2008 – Czech mobile game developer Impossible has signed an exclusive, multi-year representation agreement with leading business management firm FOG Studios.

Established in July of 2003 by Zdenek ©marda, Impossible has since gone on to develop and publish numerous titles for the Java and Symbian platforms including the very first mobile real time strategy game YERS. Over the past five years Impossible has steadily grown, establishing subsidiaries outside of its core Czech studio, and beginning to work with some frontline, high profile intellectual properties.

Impossible has been hard at work on Warlords: Castles, a title based in the universe of the highly popular Warlords franchise created by Infinite Interactive founder Steve Fawkner, who also created last year’s award winning hit title “Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords”.

Impossible COO Miklós Csémy said, “As the mobile industry begins to consolidate and focus on branded IP it takes a truly unique intellectual property to rise to the top. We’ve been fans of the Warlords franchise for a while now and quickly identified it as having huge potential for the mobile space. Although our game mechanic differs from that of Puzzle Quest, I think we’ve stayed true to the Warlords standard of high quality entertainment and we can’t wait to get the game to market. We identified FOG Studios as an integral partner in getting Warlords: Castles and our other concepts the attention they deserve.”

“The mobile games landscape is dynamically evolving at a rapid pace. With carriers reducing the number of direct publishing relationships they wish to maintain, which is pressuring even some longstanding publishers to rethink their product mix, it is increasingly more difficult for solid independent developers to self publish their works and receive a meaningful return on their investment,” says FOG CEO Ed Dille. “Our role as their exclusive business management firm will be to assist them in obtaining additional high profile intellectual properties to showcase their development skills, and also to foster a number of repeat business relationships with North American publishers who will find their skill sets and cost basis very attractive and competitive.”

If you want to catch up with all the activity at Impossible FOG Studios will be showcasing a number of their games at 3GSM in Barcelona and shortly thereafter at GDC in San Francisco. To set an appointment for any of these events, please contact FOG’s Logistics Manager, Christine Freeman, at 215-595-7160 or via christifreeman@fogstudios.com. For immediate assistance, you may also contact Adam Spencer, adamspencer@fogstudios.com or 506-459-5604.

About Impossible

Impossible, a Czech-based developer of mobile interactive content, has been developing mobile games since 2003. With fifteen people, the company has developed over 30 mobile titles. The company has experience of both, creating an original IP and working with high-profile branded IP, such as Warlords (Infinite Interactive) or Reiner Knizia´s High Society (Dr. Reiner Knizia). Titles developed by Impossible are recognized for their intuitive and highly rewarding gameplay, which is reflected by a number of Awards, including Midlet Review´s Mobile Games Award and MobileGameFAQs.com Gold Award and 2 silver awards in Deutschen Entwicklerpreis 2007. Impossible abilities cover not only prototyping the game, but also porting it to 300+ different handsets. Our in-house tools also cover Bluetooth multi-player connectivity and online multi-player connectivity. Both of these multiplayer solutions are realized by a single API, so we only write one code that will work in both loc al and on-line multiplayer. This saves our publishing partners considerable time and money in reaching the broadest possible audience.

About FOG Studios

FOG Studios has been responsible for the creation of over $3 Billion dollars of revenue for its clients and customers via the placement of over 5,600 interactive titles into the international marketplace since 1979. The world’s first and most successful interactive representation agency, FOG exclusively represents independent videogame development studios, brand and intellectual property owners, and service providers to the interactive entertainment industry from around the world. FOG creates opportunity for its exclusive list of clients on all platforms from cellular phones to next generation console games by packaging intellectual property rights with the developers and resources necessary to bring them to market. FOG helps publishers and other potential distributors of the products to make fully-informed decisions expeditiously and with confidence based on the longstanding proven track record of success we have uniquely achieved. Noteworthy gaming franchises created in FOG’s history include, but are not limited to: ESPN, Command & Conquer, Test Drive, Kings Quest, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania and Warlords. FOG has placed titles with all of the top 10 publishers as well as countless other smaller publishers. FOG's roster of over 550 clients have included, among others: United Media, BMI, Ubisoft, Atari, Sierra, Westwood Studios, Sega, Paramount, Viacom, Robert Maxwell, Koei, FROM Software, Platinum Studios, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, the US Army Rangers, the Foreign Legion, Jenga, Arthur C. Clark, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, The Three Stooges (Estate), Paramount, Warner Brothers, Marvel, America On-Line, Yahoo, Ebay, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Circus, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For more information please visit www.fogstudios.com or call 506-459-5604.

Contact: Adam Spencer



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